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Buzz Social is a platform designed with the user in mind. We are constantly working on ways to increase quality and ease-of-use. 

How-To Basics

Signing Up: Only IAIA student emails may be used to create an account. Once you click the signup button, you will be prompted to confirm your email with a confirmation code. If the confirmation code does not send, wait a few minutes and then click "resend".

Logging in - The email that you use to create your account and login with cannot be changed. However, the password can.


  • Display Name - This is the name that will be displayed to others publicly.

  • First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, and Birthday- These are not displayed publicly, and only serve the purpose of record-keeping for us.

  • Community Page URL - This is a customizable url that directs users to your page.

  • Profile Visibility - This is where you can choose whether you want your profile to be public or private.

  • Blocked Members- Users that you have blocked are displayed here.

Notifications:  This is where you can choose to opt in for email notifications regarding certain groups and activities.



Student Organizations

This is where you can join and invite others to join certain groups. Additionally, you can also chat with group members and post media to this page.


Events Map and Calendar

This is an interactive map where you can post activities to get them pinpointed on the map. Other people can see your activity once you have posted it, and you can also see other people’s activities when they post on the map. When posting an activity, you may also put your phone number or other contact information to allow people to contact you about your event if you wish.

All issues can be reported in the contact form at the bottom of this page.   

How-To Basics

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